Dysfunction notwithstanding, Michael Thomas is favored to stay with the Saints

The relationship between the Saints and receiver Michael Thomas has deteriorated in recent days, to the point where a trade seems inevitable.

Not so says, says the PointsBet sports book.

The folks at PointsBet have the Saints as a -650 favorite to be the team for which Thomas takes his next snap.

The teams in plus territory are the Dolphins at +450, the Ravens at +600, the Colts at +1200, the Chiefs at +1200, the Packers at +1500, and the Jaguars at +1500.

I’m still intrigued by the possibility of a trade to Jacksonville, where Thomas would be reunited with his college coach, Urban Meyer. For now, thought, PointsBet doesn’t see that happening.

Thomas delayed getting surgery on the ankle he injured in Week One of the 2020 season. Recently, Jeff Duncan of Nola.com reported that Thomas ignored calls from coaches and trainers for three months. Thomas has apparently accused the team of trying to damage his reputation.